The positive thinking secret…

It’s Saturday! I have been looking forward to this weekend so, very much. Friday was a very stressful day at work, and it ended with me being talked into going to the work “BBQ”. It was very bizarre; random people who I wouldn’t usually choose to socialise with, eating burgers in the work canteen, with some beer and wine thrown in for good measure. There was music, there was dancing, it was… weird. So I only stayed an hour, not long enough for the booze to kick in and for things to get uber weird. People were talking about going out-out and I wasn’t up for that. I’ve missed home this week and that’s where I wanted to be.

One of the highlights yesterday was that L surprised me with a new Nexus 7! After only blogging about it this week, I thought that was super nice of him. I’ve had lots of time to play with it today and load it up with WordPress, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc and it’s working really well. I’m enjoying it – mainly for it’s size. I can see that it is going to be nice to travel with. By travel, I mean commute, of course. He also got me a nice case for it, which has made it nice and robust.

Today has been… a test. Yes, a test. Only last night I was reading a book called The positive thinking secret, on my Nexus, and today, whilst the builders were building our chimney, in a completely unrelated incident, water starting pouring down our walls and through our lights. Downstairs and upstairs! Seriously. I spent all week looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and not having to do anything and then this. Water. Here. Again [we have a history of water-related problems in this house].

So it looks like we need a new radiator system. No more about that, it’s depressing.

Today is our one month anniversary of marriage. I think we’ve done alright. I bought L his first card with “husband” on it, which was a nice feeling. It was well received. We’ve also had cheesecake to celebrate, L’s favourite.

L got me a new stone for my Ashleigh & Burwood oil lamp today, I’ve needed one for over a year, so it’s nice to have it burning again. I have jasmine & tuberose oil in there at at the moment and it’s beautiful. I’ll see if I can find a picture of my lamp online…

Here it is: LINK. Isn’t it pretty?! Tuberose is my favourite smell in the world. Gardenia comes second.

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 18.09.58


I also spent some time today doing some reading for my Forensic psychology course. I’m really far behind, but it’s not a part of my actual degree, so timing isn’t an issue. It makes it more pleasurable to read when there’s no pressure! It’s a free course that I signed up for with FutureLearn. Here’s a LINK to their upcoming courses. They have some excellent ones, especially as they’re free! Great for anyone looking to learn a new skill. At the moment they have courses in medicines management, english language, understanding cancer, business, maths, research, and loads more. It sounds like I’m advertising, but I get nothing out of this, just a warm, fuzzy feeling that you’re getting to learn stuff!

Winter is fast approaching [I’m sorry but it’s true] so it’s time to start getting some recipes for winter warmers on my Food, glorious food Pinterest board. I’m a big fan of stews and slow cooked meats with potatoes and vegetables. I also love jumpers. Maybe that’s why winter doesn’t bother me too much. Anyway, here is my Food board, it has some pretty nice things on it already and over the next few months I’m sure I’ll add some lovely winter foods like stew & dumplings, chicken soup, casseroles, and sausage rolls. Delicious.

Not much else has gone on today, between water coming down my walls, and making tea for the builders, I’ve not had much time to do anything else. I’ve no idea what we’re dong tomorrow, but I strongly suspect it will involve sorting out our leaky radiator system – such fun!

EDIT: I just have to recommend this foaming hand soap to you, because since I started using it I can’t stop sniffing my hands. I already love the Method brand, but this soap is my new favourite.

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 18.49.14

Over and out.


Darling, you have no idea…

Wow, that was an exhausting Thursday. Please refer to yesterday’s post for the reason for this exhaustion. I’ve just eaten an earl grey macaron and we have an episode of Orphan Black playing on Netflix.

WEATHER UPDATE :: It is COLD tonight. I’ve had to put the heating on. It’s August. Yes. I don’t want to be that guy, but I had to mention to weather, sorry.

For a little bit of Thursday-fun I am going to pick five random questions to ask about myself and answer them… just for you guys. Because I know the answers already. Because they’re about me. Get it? Right…

Qu: What’s your favourite Monopoly playing piece?

A: I like the top hat. It’s stylish, it’s a solid piece, and there’s not usually any competition [everyone wants to be the dog or the race car]. 

Qu: If you were a Spice Girl, what would your name be?

A: I don’t even have to think about this one. Messy Spice. Seriously. I cause mess wherever I go. I do. Mess follows me. Ask The Husband, it drives him crazy. I dread to think about what our house would look like if I didn’t have him running around after me. It helps that he working from home most days at the moment, it means that he’s hoovering most days. I’m so lucky. 

Qu: Do you read a daily newspaper?

A: No. That’s terrible, ins’t it? You don’t have to sugarcoat it, I know it’s terrible. The news makes me sad, so I tend to live my life in ignorant bliss. My daily fix of “news” comes from Buzzfeed. I’d be more sorry about it, but I suspect that’s quite common these days. I read today that Brad and Angelina got married in secret, this past weekend, in France. See, I am not behind, I know what’s going on without a daily rag. 

Qu: If you’re given the option of a flake in your ice-cream, do you take it every time?

A: Yes! Of course. Who wouldn’t? Even if you don’t want it, someone will, and they’re usually free. I can’t imagine never wanting my flake. I’m not an idiot. 

Qu: What was your first job?

A: Well, I was sandbox monitor right back at the beginning. Then I had the job of delivering the Christmas cards from the school Christmas card box, then I think I worked in the raisin shop at lunch time, then…. The Chicken Shop. Don’t ask me about the Chicken Shop. I never want to talk about The Chicken Shop. 

I hope you’ve learnt something interesting about me. I’m nodding off on the sofa, so I’m going to get going. I’m off to bed. G’night.


Edit: Thanks to this blog for the random questions to choose from.

Acid to my Alkali

Happy hump day

I wish I could tell you that I had swanned off to London today to waltz in and out of the glorious scarf room at Liberty, or that I had hopped on a ferry at Dover and skipped through the wind turbines in France, or that I had stayed on the train during my morning commute, ended up at Gatwick and jumped on the first flight out, resulting in me landing in Tokyo. Alas, I cannot. I went to work today. I don’t mind as I actually enjoy my job, but I am TIRED. Being two people in a day is exhausting. But of course, those who are parents or carers know that feeling all too well, so I can’t complain when I’m getting paid to be two people. 

Today’s discovery :: Fujiya & Miyagi.

Currently watching :: Orphan Black.

Just eaten :: Steak and ale pie with dauphinoise potatoes. 

Currently burning [we always have something on the go] :: Moroccan Rose candle by True Grace. 

Tomorrow we have the builders coming to start our roof repairs. I should be tidying the house right now, but it’s 20:34 and I have that after dinner feeling. Did I mention that I was TIRED? I don’t like having strangers in the house, but I guess I’ll have to forget that for the next week. 

The Husband played me some stuff by Fujiya & Miyagi this evening & I’m liking it. I think his boss recommended them. I’m yet to look into them to see what they’re all about, but I think I’ll be having another listen tomorrow at work if I get a few minutes. Maybe have a look at the link above and let me know what you think? 

Did I mention that I don’t “do” Facebook? I don’t think I did. Well I don’t. Or at least I’ve not been a user since I de-activated my account a few months ago. Do I miss it? I did one time for about 5 minutes, a few weeks ago. And maybe again on my birthday earlier this month when I didn’t get the usual influx of birthday messages, but what I’m not missing out on is the ice bucket challenge. I’ve been informed that I’ve not been nominated because I’m not on Facebook and this pleases me. What good timing. I have no desire to tip ice cubes and water over my head. I will, however, link to the charity that has caused this madness, because I think it’s important. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a scrooge, I think that the ice bucket challenge is FAB, I just don’t want to do it myself. Anything that raises awareness in such an amazing way is genius. LINK. I’ve linked to Macmillan because I’ve heard that the big-wigs at the ALS charity are taking huge salaries, and I don’t think Macmillan works that way. If you don’t know what the ice bucket challenge is, click on one of the wiki-links up there and then maybe check out some of the fails.

I bet you want to know what I’ve got my eye on, right? Yeah, go on… I have my eye on THIS from Debenhams, of all places. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 20.48.33

As you can see from looking at my Pinterest board on pineapples, I really like these bad boys, and Debenhams have obviously decided to stalk my Pinterest page – why else would they suddenly be making these? I never want stuff from Debenhams! Isn’t it awesome? I’m so very tempted to buy one, but then I might be disappointed that I’d not held out for a vintage one. Unless it’s okay to have two? It’s only £26… STOP TEMPTING ME. Oh no, I just showed The Husband the pineapple pot and he has told me that we already have too much stuff. This is not looking good… 

Right, I’m off to finish watching Orphan Black. It was a joy talking to you guys & I’ll come back again soon. 


Corey Hart – Sunglasses at night 

The one with Orphan Black, Bank Holiday weather, and… Tuesday stuff

I hope you’ve all had a good Tuesday. Going back to work after a Bank Holiday Monday is always a tough one and I’m not sure if it was easier to go back because it was raining [because I’m not missing out on a lovely day] or tougher because… it was raining and everything was soggy. Either way, I’m done with Tuesday now. I’m covering a colleague’s job for the next two weeks which is keeping me busy – two jobs in one, exciting. 

Yesterday afternoon was great. We had good food and watched a film. It was what Bank Holidays are made for. I’m typically British – I can’t stop going on about the weather, and when it comes to Bank Holidays, it just seems to get worse. The weather is all over the news – who knew that we could find yet more to say about the rain? The Metro are reporting that it is the “chilliest August Bank Holiday EVER”. That gem of a “news” story can be found here >> LINK

This evening we are watching Orphan Black for the first time on Netflix. I’m not sure how we’ve got this far without seeing it as it gets 4.5 stars out of 5, but we’re here now and the first episode seems pretty good. Talking of good stuff, we recently saw Maleficent – ah-may-zing. Angelina Jolie kicks butt in it. It comes out on DVD on the 4th of November… DO IT. By DO IT I mean rent it, obviously, I don’t do buying of DVDs anymore; those days are long gone. 

I wish I had something really, really exciting to tell you about today but it was a normal day at work. I did wear my new pair of work “Crocs”, and it was like I was walking on clouds all day. I wouldn’t wear them in the “real world” [sorry to those who choose to wear them] but working in a hospital operating theatre, it’s the norm to wear clog-type shoes, so of course I opted for hot pink and blue ones. 

At the moment I’m trying to work out if I should buy a Nexus 7. I’m an Apple fan-girl through and through; I have Apple TV, two MacBook Pros, I’m on my third generation of iPhone, I have an iPad, I have an iPod shuffle and two generations of iPod… I’m not saying this to show off, I’m telling you this so that you understand how deep my Apple-ness runs. My blood is liquid aluminium [Apple love their aluminium, amiright?]. BUT… with the delayed announcement of the iPhone 6, and the extortionate cost of the iPad mini [which is what my heart truly desires], my eye is a-wandering towards the niftiness of the Nexus 7, with a view to getting a Nexus phone in the future. My hesitation on the Nexus 7 has come about because the Nexus 8 is due for release later this year, probably in time for Christmas, and I don’t want to end up with an old model, which is totally an Apple way of thinking [most other people would probably be thinking “yay, the price of the 7 will come down” but not me]. I know I’m a sucker for being lured in by the Apple way – it’s all over priced laptops and fancy packaging and… okay, I don’t really believe this, but I feel like I need to break up with Apple and I’m picking at its faults to make it easier. I’m going to keep thinking about it. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make the leap. 

I’ll end it there… dinner tonight was pork chops and I am going to leave you with THIS song. 


I have baking potatoes in the oven

Good morning. It’s bank holiday Monday, the last one before Christmas.

I’ve currently got my feet up and I’m enjoying a cup of tea and a pistachio macaron and Pollyanna is on BBC2. I’ve got two baking potatoes in the oven, which I hope will turn into delicious baked potatoes in time for lunch. I’ll be serving them with grated cheese, just in case you’re interested. 

This weekend has been a weekend of good food. On Saturday morning I wanted to treat my husband [L] to his favourite breakfast – crepes with lemon and sugar. So that was rather nice. Then we went out to pick up the steam cleaner and we fell into our regular haunt – Wagamama. L had his usual, the chicken firecracker, and I thought I’d try something new, so I had chicken raiseukaree. It was delicious, and I now have a new favourite. We always have edamame beans and this time we also had some duck gyoza, which I didn’t enjoy as much as the chicken gyoza, because they were fried and not steamed, which I missed on the menu. 

Yesterday [Sunday] we went to my parents to celebrate post-wedding, and my birthday. We had a lovely meal prepared by Mum [despite the gas meter breaking mid-preparations] and then cake. Lots of cake. There are more pictures on my Instagram feed, but here is a picture of some lemon cake with macarons, lovingly presented by my sister. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 11.06.19

We also had some lovely champagne and Chambord with raspberries. What a celebration! We were spoilt with wedding presents – some beautiful Wedgwood plates and cake stand, a very pretty Liberty photo album, a Yankee wedding candle, a voucher, some bath goodies, and some other things too. I’ll have to send some thank you cards before the week is over. 

It was a double celebration so I was also gifted some birthday presents. I had some really pretty wrapping papers too; my family know me so well. 

I’d not seen my brand new nephew for about 6 weeks, so it was a lovely opportunity to catch up with him. He’s 2 months and 1 week old today and he’s just lovely. He’s so soft, and he has the most beautiful big blue eyes. I had lots of cuddles, and that’s the best gift of all! 

It’s L’s Mum’s birthday tomorrow so we are spending the afternoon with his family. I think home made pizzas are on the cards for dinner. 

What else is going on? I’ve added a new board to my Pinterest account today. Burgers. Yes, burgers. 

I’m going to leave it there. I’d like to leave you a link to a song that we enjoyed on the journey to my parent’s yesterday. I hope you enjoy it. 

The Killing moon – Echo and the Bunnymen


Living the life of Lindsey [that’s me]

Hi, my name is Lindsey and this is my blog – Living the life of Lindsey.

I’ve tried to blog before and it has not been a huge success. I think I’ve always tried to make them too specific, or something. Probably something.

Why now? Well, I just got married to my [now] husband and I feel like I’ve started a new chapter in my life. That, and I’ve spent a year and a half planning our wedding day and now I need something else to do. Of course there are many other things to do, and married life is lovely, but I need a project, and I guess that this is that. A project.

You’ll get to know me over time, so I won’t tell everything there is to know about me now. You already know that my name is Lindsey and that I’m newlywed [hoorah] and that I am able to use a computer [a Macbook Pro, to be precise], so that’s enough for one day. I don’t want to give everything away straight away, what would keep you coming back??

I’ve tried to embed my Instagram feed, so hopefully that will work. I’m very new to Instagram; I’ve been using it for approximately one week. I don’t tend to take photographs using it, as I have quite a collection of films and lenses on Hipstamatic [best. app. ever], which I’ve collected over the years, but I am quite keen on using it to upload photos I’ve already taken. I’ve recently also joined Yelp, Which is quite interesting, and I’m enjoying reviewing all the places we’ve been to so far. I must remember to check-in when we get to places though.

It was my birthday just under a week ago. There you go, more about me already. I got my first Tibetan singing bowl and I’m going to learn how to meditate with it. I think this means [what with the new blog too] that I’m trying to find myself a little bit? I don’t want that to sound weird, but it is what it is I suppose.

The husband is currently making me an Earl Grey tea [I love my tea] and we’re settling in, on this summer Saturday evening, to watch an episode of Hollyoaks [we missed it on Friday night] and eat a bit of birthday cake [mine]. We’re looking forward to putting our feet up as we’ve just cleaned our bathroom with the new VAX steam cleaner that we picked up from Argos today. I’ve wanted one for a while & I’m impressed with how little effort I had to put in to get the sink all sparkly. I can’t wait to tackle the oven with it – no nasty chemicals to suffocate me with [I hate oven cleaner].

We finished Bates Motel on Netflix this week, so we’ve got to find something new to watch. I guess I’ll tell you all about that when we’ve worked out what it is. I’m rambling now, and my tea is being delivered, so I’m going to get going. I hope you’re all having a smashing weekend.