Move over Monday

I just cooked and ate a risotto. I was due to be out for dinner tonight so I had to make something out of nothing. My dining companion has come down with the cold that is doing the rounds and I couldn’t get out of work on time. That’s a perfect example of how things are going at the moment, but I know it’ll get better so I’m okay with it. It’s just busy. Which is better than life being boring, I guess!

Staying in does mean that I get to snack on the chocolates that I got from IKEA on Saturday. They are delicious. They are made by Marabou and this is them… #YUM

Note: I just realised that they taste like advent calendar chocolate.


Not much has gone on today. I wore a new pair of shoes to work and gave myself [painful] blisters. I feel a bit silly. I’m struggling to find a decent pair of shoes that will keep my feet dry and warm and that I can still wear to the pub after work. I can’t wear boots and the warm, dry shoes look too… sensible? I’ll just have to keep looking.

As you can probably guess, we are watching an episode of House at the moment. I can’t get enough of it. I think we’re on episode 12 already and we only started watching it last week. What else do I have on this week? Hmm.. just Christmas shopping online. The Husband wants some kind of drum synthesiser thing, but I’m not making any promises [just in case he’s reading this…]. I’ve got three nephews to buy for this year, so that should be fun. One will be 6 months, one 7 months, and one 3 years and 2 months.

Alex Monroe are doing the 12 days of Christmas again this year. For each of the 12 days of Christmas he/they release a new jewellery design. On the 1st day there is 1 piece made, on the 2nd day 2 pieces are made, 3rd day 3…etc. I’d love to be able to get one of the one-off pieces one day, but it’s not realistic at the moment. I spent far too much in IKEA on Saturday, so no treats for me for a while. Not until February at least! I wanted to link to the 12 days thing but it seems to just link to Alex Monroe’s main webpage. Hmmm…

Talking of AM, he has recently collaborated with ASOS to make the Verity range. It’s all very dainty and pretty. Here are some of my favourite pieces… [all images taken from ASOS website].

1. Heart ring | £114 | LINK

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 21.53.47

2. Moon necklace | £108 | LINK

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 21.54.05

3.  Heart necklace | £105 | LINK

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 21.54.15

4. Heart necklace with diamond | £132 | LINK

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 21.54.29

It’s all quite sweet, isn’t it? It’s nice that it’s all still made of Sterling and gold plate. They didn’t cheap out. I think the little [hollow] heart necklace is adorable. There are other things in the collection, such as bracelets and earrings – just check out “Alex Monroe” on ASOS.

I’ll leave you to take a look at that because it’s getting late. Goodbye for now!

L. x



What’s going on? THAT is a really good question. Last Sunday I spent the day with my wonderful nephew, R. He has changed so much since I last saw him & he’s just wonderful. I also saw my parents, et al. We had a lovely dinner and a catch up and it was nice.

The Husband and I went to a concert on Monday night [get us – on a school night!] in Brighton, at The Corn Exchange. The gig was Little Dragon, who are my absolute favourite band. It was the third time that we had seen them and they did not disappoint. They were supported by NAO, a singer from London. She was pretty good [I loved her necklace, but I can’t find a similar one online]. I can’t wait to see Little Dragon again, they are such amazing performers.

I’ve also started watching House MD this week. It stars Hugh Laurie and it’s really good. I have heard a lot about it over the years but it’s only just been added to Netflix, so I thought I’d give it a go. I think it helps that I work in healthcare; it makes it a little more interesting… maybe? If you’ve not seen it, there’s a Doctor called House who gets brought in to look at the tricky cases when no one else can figure out what’s wrong with them. He has a wicked sense of humour and he makes me laugh.

At the moment I’m burning a Peppermint Bark Yankee tart. I can’t find them online in the UK, which means I must have picked it up on holiday, which is disappointing because it is LOVELY.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 21.25.49

I’m wearing Artemisia by Penhaligon’s today. It smells powdery and slightly white flowery and soft and warm. It’s really nice, sophisticated, wintery smelling.

What else have we been up to? Well, we went to IKEA in Southampton last night. We would usually go to Croydon but there was a piece of furniture that we wanted and they only had it in stock in Southampton. We’d not been to that branch before; it’s a whole hour and 40-50 minutes away, which is a long drive, but we made it. I spent far too much money on furniture, an office chair, cushions, wrapping paper, napkins [I love IKEA napkins], toys for the nephews, mulled wine, cups, utensils… you know, all the usual stuff that you pick up at IKEA.

Other than work this week I’ve also been working on my Christmas “wish list”. I’ve made a board on Pinterest. There’s some good stuff on there, check it out. I’d be as pleased as punch to get anything on there. Pinterest makes Christmas and Birthday gift buying so much easier. Is there anything Pinterest ins’t good for?! Hmmm?! Didn’t think so.

What else? Ummm… we had roast chicken and a chocolate pudding this evening for dinner. Nothing particularly exciting going on there but both courses were delicious [even though I made them].

I’ve got to go and hang up laundry now [eye roll] so I’m going to say goodbye. Good bye!

L. x

Too busy for perfume?!

That’s right. You read that correctly. I was too busy for perfume today. I even took a brand new bottle of Penhaligon’s Malabah to work to open and put on and then I didn’t get around to it. #shame.

However, I’m finally home, after a shocking 12+ hours at work and dinner is in the oven [pizza from M&S, yum].

This is my song of the day. A Whole New World – from the Disney film Aladdin. It’s my current ear worm.

We’re watching Nicolas Cage in Knowing.

I came home to some very exciting post. Okay, well, not exciting exactly, but I am glad they’re here… my re-usable toaster bags!

Hang on… I forgot to mention something MASSIVE. I got tickets today to see Fleetwood Mac! Yep. I am SO excited. It’s not until mid-2015, but it’s something really big to look forward to. I’ve also taken a peak at the set list for the tour and it’s amazing. 24 excellent songs, almost all of the songs from Rumours.

Anyway, I can’t possibly say anymore because I’m SO, SO tired. Maybe tomorrow.

Happy weekend,


Thursday Thursday.

Wow. What a week. It’s only Thursday but all day today it has felt like Friday. Odd. Work has been hard this week. Study has also been hard this week. Life has been hard this week! Anyway, another day has gone by & here we are. I forgot to update you this morning on what perfume I am wearing, but I did remember to take a photo. In order to cheer myself up today, I wore my wedding perfume. Jasmine Rouge by Tom Ford. Here it is…


What else has happened?


B, the cat, decided to entertain me with this pose this week.


This story made me chuckle.


This is my first mince pie of the year. It was so mini. And delicious. From M&S. Yum.


A colleague could see I was in need this week (4hours a night sleep will do that to you) and she treated me to these goodies. I’ve not had the drink before and it was tasty. I think I was a bit sensitive to one of the ingredients, but it was tasty!


This is how I found B this morning. It looked like she’d been up all night DJ’ing.


And here we have a tootsie roll that another colleague bought me. I work with some lovely, lovely people. If you’ve not tried tootsie rolls then I suggest that you do!

Oh, another colleague came back to work from Australia today so I also have a cherry ripe. Okay, I had two. But they were snack size, not full size.

I was granted a 30 day extension on my essay today, which means I can relax a little bit. We are currently watching an episode of homeland and it’s so nice to just relax for the first time this month!

I’m currently burning Yankee’s Peppermint bark and it is wonderful. I’m not usually into the foodie ones but this one is a winner. It smells like a minty hot chocolate. And cocoa butter, for some reason. Very odd.

I’ll try to update you on my Birchbox before the end of the weekend. I’ve been using one of the lip products obsessively. It’s ah-may-zing.

I think that’s it. I have to go before The Husband notices that I’m not concentrating on Homeland. Oops!

Ciao, mon petit baguettes.


That’s proper Lush, that is.


Today I am wearing the perfume Sakura, made by Lush. This was a limited edition perfume made many, many years ago for the forum members of the Lush “fan site”. Those were the days… we would obsess over limited editions and getting our names on to the first ever tote bags. It was when BNeverTooBusyToBeBeautiful still existed & the world was a nicer place for it.

Anyway, this bottle of scent makes me feel pretty nostalgic & I needed that today.


Another short one

I’m still in “short one mode” as I’ve not yet finished my 4,000 word essay on “hate crime”. It’s due in on Friday, so please bear with me!

What perfume am I wearing today? Today I’m wearing The Husband’s wedding aftershave, actually. It’s Jo Malone’s Dark Amber & Ginger Lily. It reminds me of our wedding day & it’s such a perfect scent. I need something reassuring at this stressful time.

Here are a couple of proper dodgy photos [it’s so early!!].




The little “Love from Brighton” bag is a cosmetic bag given to me by a colleague who left where I work last week. She had it made, which was very sweet. I can’t remember where but it has a label so I’ll see if he has a website later. It’s just so pretty – it’s lined with some lovely fabric.

I was naughty this morning & tried to take a peak at the Liberty bag which should have contained my Liberty advent calendar, however, it was empty – The Husband has stashed it away somewhere. It was delivered yesterday whilst I was at work and he’s hidden it away & I can’t have it until I’ve done my essay. Boo hiss.


I have lots of things to show you when I’m back up & running. I got an excellent Birch Box yesterday. It was packed full of goodies, including a full size OPI nail polish [my favourite brand]. I’ll take some photos later this week. I’ve already started on the lip balm that’s in there & it’s working wonders.

I finally got an Olivia Burton watch that I don’t think I showed you? It was what I was going to get myself for my birthday but I didn’t get around to it. It’s wonderful. Time for another dodgy picture, how I love Hipstamatic!


I really should be getting to work now. I’ve got a long day ahead of me. Wish me luck!!