Treat me!

Day five of the Liberty advent calendar brings me a £25 treatment voucher for the hair salon at Liberty. How exciting! You can get a cut & blow dry for £55, so it won’t be too expensive to use it. I’m a bit of a wimp and I’d usually chicken out of that sort of thing, I’ve never been to a spa before. Let’s hope I’m feeling brave sometime soon!

The voucher is mirrored and on a keychain. Very handy if you’re out and about & decide to get a hair cut.


Nice, huh?

What else is going on? It’s Friday night & we have our feet up, watching House on Netflix. We are really living it up with some Aero chocolate mousses – we are proper rock ‘n’ roll!

Since we revamped our living room last week (we got a new seat to use in the bay window) I got out some of the weddings things we were given. We were gifted some lovely tea light candle holders from Matron at work. Here they are…




Here is a flying pig that was given to us by one of our Airbnb hosts from our holiday/wedding/honeymoon this year. Paula said that flying pigs represented ‘happy miracles’. He now lives in our bay window.


This weekend should be fun. I’ve got to study in the morning (booooo) but in the evening we are babysitting for family (3 year old and 6 month old) and on Sunday we are having lunch with my little sister & her family. Looking forward to seeing R (5 months).

Christmas cards are trickling in addressed to us with our married names, which is really nice. It’s making me feel warm & fuzzy.

Christmas is almost here & I finally got my first presents in the post today. I feel like I’ve at least done something towards it now, but I’ve not bought nearly enough!

Maybe I’ll do some tomorrow when I need a break from studying. I’m hoping to get my essay finished tomorrow, it’s pretty much my last chance.

Anyway, in rambling now so I’ll leave you to enjoy your Sunday evening.

Bye for now.


(Random work chocolate)



Day 4 of the Liberty advent calendar…

…Nail & cuticle cream from Margaret Dabbs. Made with Australian Emu oil & lemon myrtle. Can be used on toe nails or finger nails. It smells wonderful! I’ve just treated my fingers and toes to a little pedicure & now I’m off to work! I’ve worn my NARS blush for the past two days & also today – loving it!





Day 3 of advent…

On the third day of advent my true love gave to me…

Aromatherapy Associates Rose skin tonic, made from the petals of thousands of Bulgarian roses. Full size £25. I’ve just cleansed and toned after a beautiful bubble bath and my face feels fresh and bouncy. It looks like I’ll get at least 10 uses out of this bottle.


Here’s my Pop in the bath from Lush & a mini Toblerone. It’s almost Christmas which means that hospitals are gifted lots & lots of chocolate. You cannot diet in a hospital during the Christmas period. Fact.



It’s time for The Apprentice, so ciao for now.


Liberty (beauty) Advent Calendar 2014

I was lucky enough to be treated to the Liberty beauty advent calendar this year by The Husband (thank you) & although it has been in the house for a number of weeks, it has been put away and it only surfaced on Sunday night. I’ve not yet found a home for it (it’s a lot bigger than anticipated!) and so these pictures were taken in the kitchen (sorry!). It was also quite dark this morning so they aren’t the best quality, but I think this adds a little charm.

Liberty is one of my favourite shops, so I was very excited to be opening those little drawers.

So, I guess you what photos? Why else would you be wading through my ramblings?

Here’s the outside, one with a teacup for scale.




The doors close with magnets, which makes it nice & secure (the doors are big enough to just flap open otherwise).

The inside is beautifully decorated with a typical Liberty print and the overall effect is stunning. The advent numbers are in gold, which adds a little touch of luxury.



The drawers are a good size. They are very deep and filled with lovely shredded gold tissue paper. I wasn’t expecting that, so that was a nice surprise.

The numbers are randomly scattered around, so here is number 1…



And inside we have a (very big) 200g Liberty soap in lavender and wild chamomile. The smell is soft and really lovely. I can’t wait to try it out.


Because I got home late last night I actually got to open two this morning, so up next is door number two…




A NARS blush! It’s in shade Deep Throat and I’m so pleased because I had seen from the pictures on the website that there was going to be a NARS item in there & I was worried that it was going to be a useless shade (it’s hard to find something to suit everyone) but as you can see from the photo, this shade is very wearable & would probably suit most. I’m actually wearing it to work today. My go-to blush is Orgasm by NARS and I wear Super Orgasm in the evenings, so it’s nice to have an alternative from a company who make such great product.

I then had to quickly close the advent calendar before I was tempted to peak into number 3. This is going to be hard! I also want to point out that there are 25 drawers to this thing. Some advent calendars randomly finish on day 24, but not this bad boy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos. Check back tomorrow for day 3!