Kate Spade wish list

G’day folk. It is Sunday and so far we’ve had a really relaxing weekend. The Husband has an exam in a little over a week and so he is busy revising. I’m meandering about tidying things and pinning things and twittering, and many other things that I probably shouldn’t be doing when there is so much housework to do. But hey-ho.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 13.52.18

I’ve been aware of Kate Spade for a number of years now but I’ve never owned anything from the brand. I think back in the day you had to actually get things shipped over from America, which I was always a little scared of. But now the brand is quite easily accessible, which means I scan the website every now and then waiting for something to jump out at me. One thing I have noticed is that the prices seem to have jumped up quite a bit. The great news is that shipping and returns are free – hoorah [I find it shocking that some companies still charge so much for postage – a £1,500 Mulberry bag will still set you back another £8 on postage…]

So, what do I have my eye on at the moment? Let’s take a look…

KateSpadeBags1. Lily Avenue Carrigan in Bright White – £268. 2. Cedar Street Flamingos Maisie – £250. 3. Kacey Lane small Poppy in Lilac Bliss – £250. 3. Classic Nylon Kallie in Garnet – £165. 4. Flights of fancy binocular bag – £315. 5. Madison flamingo clasp clutch – £385. I think every one of these bags offers something different from other bags – the scalloped edge of the Lily Avenue, the flamingo print on the Maisie, the 80’s, drawstring styling of the Kacey Lane, the pink feathers of the Madison, the double zip of the Kallie, and… well, the Flights of fancy is just wonderful – it’s a binocular case!


1. Sedgwick rain boots – £130. 2. Julip flats – £192. 3. Animal rain boots – £130.


1. Sweetheart scallops necklace – £130. 2. Ever & ever key pendant – £88. 3. Scallop gramercy watch – £225. 4. Quarry gems statement necklace – £205. I love all these scallops.


1. Day sky square scarf – £190. 2. Splash out crab coin purse. £70. 3. Daisy place medium square dish – £34.

See, lots of pretty things. If I had to buy three items right now, they would probably be the Kacey Lane (lilac) bag, the blue statement necklace, and the cloud scarf.

Happy Sunday everyone!



“How do I know? ’cause I’m the one that did it”

There’s nothing like a Hollyoaks quote to start a blog entry. Actually, I’m sure there are many better things to start off a blog entry with, but it’s Tuesday evening & I’m tired.

What’s been going on, I hear you ask. Well…

The nephew (Husband’s side) had his first birthday, which was wonderful. He had such a great day. He’s usually quite reserved (he’s a little brother) but on his big day he loved all the attention and was so, so smiley and happy. It was a great day. He had balloons, toys, crustless finger sandwiches, mini sausage rolls; the works. I contributed trifle and cheese & pineapple on sticks. I used some washi tape and made the cocktail sticks into little flags (evidence below).

Nephew1 PineappleI’ve had a busy couple of weeks at work. I got a promotion! Go me. I’ve treated myself to something which is being delivered tomorrow and I’ll share photos when I’ve received it. A colleague told me today that I needed to treat myself by getting a new handbag. They know me so well. It’s not a handbag, but it’s a ‘nice thing’.

I also took a cat selfie… (these are rare with our cat)

Cat1I also started Slimming World. I’ve put on so much weight since we got back from getting married and I need some help. I’ve done it before. This means that I’m taking photos of my healthy lunches… (I’m going to turn into a baked potato). The salad bar at work is fab.


I did slip at the weekend (it was a bank holiday – is that an excuse when it comes to diets? I’m pretty sure it is) and we went to Wagamama (there are worse restaurants health-wise) and I actually had a dish that I couldn’t finish because I didn’t like it. Boo. But there will always be another Wags. They have discontinued my all-time favourite dish (Saien Soba), which is heartbreaking.


Wagamama also had these new steamed buns on the menu. They are starters, and at £5 a pop, they’re not cheap, but they were brand new and I had to try them both (Korean BBQ beef and sticky belly pork). They were AMAZING. The husband loved them too. I don’t think I’d have the Korean beef again, but I think I could have eaten 4 of the belly pork ones (I didn’t).


We were invited out for dinner on Sunday night and it was my job to provide dessert, so I stuck to Slimming World (go me) and put together a fresh fruit and greek yogurt pavlova. It was delicious.


I went to see my Mum, sister, and nephew yesterday and my Mum has passed down my Nan’s copy of The World of Christopher Robin. It’s the exact copy that I used to read to my little sister at my nan’s house and I feel extremely privileged to have been given it. Having nephews means that this particular poem finally makes sense to me… because they don’t understand! R is finally understanding the word ‘No!’ but these are all sentences that they won’t grasp for quite come time and yet we still speak at them.

poohWhat else did I do this weekend? I got my hair cut at Toni & Guy. I hadn’t had a snip in 11 months (where does the time go??)! I had all my ombre cut off, which is such a shame. I feel like such a plain Jane at the moment. 

So that’s that. I’ve ordered some books, which are on their way to me. I’ve also got some dresses and accessories winging their way to me at the moment because I’m going to a wedding on Friday next week. I have a sort of nautical theme going. Originally unintentional and now I’m just embracing it. Fingers crossed that something fits/looks good! I’ll fill you in (on the books, too) when they start arriving. I started reading Animal Farm for the first time this weekend. It’s so nice reading something that isn’t written by a criminologist for a change.

I’ve rambled on long enough, so g’night & thanks for reading.


Some ‘nice things’ from this week…

I promised photos of the nice things I’d bought this week, and I’m not one to break promises, so here they are… (I’d like to note here that I don’t usually splurge like this, these items happen to have just all arrived in the same week).


I didn’t technically purchased these Fleetwood Mac tickets this week, I got them months and months ago, but they arrived this week, out of the blue. So there they are. I’m so excited. 


These are my lovely Ben-Amun earrings in turquoise and coral. I got them to wear to a wedding and they are perfect for that. Super sparkly and very summery. These are my first Ben-Amun purchase and I doubt they will be the last. They came in a lovely little drawstring pouch.


I’ve not tried this yet but when I saw that Nivea had brought out a new coconut lip butter I could not resist, and Sainsbury’s had it for £1.50, which is a special introductory price. I LOVE lip products, I’d be too scared to count how many lip balms, butters, glosses, ointments, sticks, pots, I have on the go at any one time.


Here’re an overall picture of things; I took this because I wanted an excuse to photograph this GIANT pineapple that I got this week. Yes, it’s actually GIANT. There were medium, large, and giant ones, so I couldn’t resist. This is being made into cheese and pineapple sticks for a first birthday party tomorrow. Wish me luck cutting it up. I also want to point out that this picture perfectly sums up the weather we’re having (this was taken in the conservatory) – it’s currently gloomy, cloudy, blustery, and rainy. Nice.


One of my favourite chocolate shops is Artisan du Chocolat and because I follow them on Twitter I get to find out when they want chocolate tasters. This is the second time I’ve tasted a product for them (I’ve not actually tasted it yet) and they ask for feedback in exchange for free chocolate, which is fine by me. This bar is made from goat milk, which sounds unusual, but I’ll let you know how I get on with it. I hope it’s not… goaty.

Here is my magnificent Knomo Knomad. I got the navy leather one in 8″ to help make my commute a little easier. It works!




It is loaded up with everything that I need for my commute to work and back. It made commuting almost fun these past few days. I’ve got my Lucas Papaw in there, my Small Batch Coffee Co loyalty card (ready for my morning latte fix), my bank card, a few handy business cards, a Moleskine notebook, the work BlackBerry (my iPhone is also in here when I’m not using it to take photos!), my MontBlanc Starwalker (which fits perfectly in the pen loop), my season tickets and what you can’t see is that there’s also a handy mirror tucked away, alongside my work access pass and locker key.  I really am rather impressed. I think my next purchase might have to be one of their backpacks… #swoon.


Just a doughnut shot… 


Here is my long-awaited Valorie from Anya Hindmarch. This was my treat to myself for finishing another year at uni. I’ve wanted one for years and I could not say no to this lovely multicoloured version. It’s everything I hoped it would be!


And I didn’t buy this panna cotta, it was given to me by a colleague to made it at cooking night school. But it was beautiful and I thought it deserved a mention. Yum.


There we have it. It’s now time to kick back and enjoy the weekend. Well, actually, I need to make trifle and cheese and pineapple flag sticks, but you get the idea.


FIP Radio – I love it

You may or may not have heard of a little Paris-based radio station called FIP [France Inter Paris]. It’s an absolute joy and I recommend you tune in if you’ve never heard it before. We’ve been listening to it for a while now and it used to be broadcast (illegally) from Brighton 2001 and 2011, before being shut down by the feds, but with the wonders of technology you can now just listen to it through the website.



Click on the play button at the top and a pop-up comes out, playing the wonderful FIP

A perfect example of why I love FIP so much is that they just played Farrell’s ‘Happy’ followed by a French version of ‘Happy Together’ by The Turtles. After a little French chat, we are now enjoying ‘Barranquillerita’ by La Tormenta. Another reason I love FIP is because I don’t like chat between songs on the radio, and because the chat is in French I can’t understand what’s going on – they could be advertising double glazing and it still sounds beautiful and exotic, which makes it a pleasure to listen to. They also throw in the occasional song from a musical, often Chicago or similar. FIP plays anything from jazz to reggae to pop and for some reason they manage to do it so seamlessly.

[WIKI page]

There we have it. FIP. Listen to it and let me know what you think. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Now, I’m off to make a dark roast and a croissant; for some reason I’m in the mood for dunking pastry into coffee and wandering around an art gallery. I’ll have to replace the art gallery with Pinterest, but it’s the thought that counts.

Travel card wallets… conclusion? Not easy to find.

I commute by train. This is something that I like to moan about, laugh about, cry about, and joke about on a weekly basis. There is not a week that goes by without some kind of train disaster. Last week we even had a derailment. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about travel card wallets. They are so hard to find. Decent ones, anyway. Everyone has a preference, whether they’re aware of it or not. My preference is for a tri-fold, with a window for my photo ID. My preference in life in general is for nice things. It is impossible to find a nice (i.e. luxury brand), tri-fold, with a window, travel card wallet. Impossible. But here are some nice ones that I’ve come across in my recent search for something new…

Green Liberty London Travel Card Holder – £65

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 22.49.24

Aspinal of London Pink Lizard & Cream suede ID & Travel Card Case £50

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 22.51.38

Cath Kidston mini London buses ticket holder £6

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 22.55.52

Bespoke 2 sided flat card case £130 

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 23.00.43

Chanel card holder in quilted calfskin £200

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 23.05.00

These are the only ones that stand out to me at the moment and none of them are 100% what I’m looking for, so the search goes on. These are lovely though. I’d go for the Chanel or the Anya.

I’m off to bed now, to dream about trains and buses and work, oh my!

Good night.


For the love of Pawpaw (papaw/papaya)…

If you’ve got an Australian in your life, you will have heard of Pawpaw ointment/balm. I have many Australians in my life these days and they all use the stuff and I must say… it’s brilliant.

When I got my first tub, a few years back, you couldn’t buy it in England and I had to get mine brought over from Aus. Luckily, a shop called pawpawshop.co.uk has started selling it, so I’ve stocked up.

What is it? Well, let me tell you… it’s an ointment/balm made from fermented papaya (sounds yucky, but I promise that it’s not) . The best one, in my opinion, is the Lucas brand (red container) and I’ve only seen Lucas used by my Aussie friends/family – they say that some of the other brands are sticky/thin/runny/smelly. It is a thick, but not too heavy, balm which can be used for lips, elbows, burns, cuticles, rashes, grazes, bites, frizzy hair, taming eyebrows, etc. It’s all-purpose and if you have it in your bag, you don’t need to carry a million different things.

Here is the Lucas one… I recommend getting a tub for home (it will last years) and a 25g or 15g (with lip applicator) for your bag. You won’t regret it. It doesn’t taste of anything in particular, it doesn’t smell of anything specific, and when you’ve rubbed it into your lips you can then do your nails too.


So there you have it, Papaw ointment. Get some. If you use it already, let me know how you get on with it or what you’ve used it for! I’ve not tried it on a burn or a rash yet, but I’d give it a go. It’s also comforting to know I’ve got it when I need it.

G’night for now.



Today’s accessory of the day (#AOTD) was my Alexander McQueen bright yellow silk chiffon skull scarf.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 00.23.52

I love a scarf and I love Alexander McQueen, so this scarf is one of my favourites. I’ve had it a few years now but it always makes me feel special when I wear it because it’s so darn delicate and floaty (it’s 100% silk). They don’t do this colour anymore but there are still lots to choose from at Liberty, such as this magnificent pink skull fish design #swoon…

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 00.27.32

Right, I’m definitely off to bed this time. Ciao, you lovely people.

L. x