May/June update

Good morning, you lovely lot.

This post is about what’s happened since I last blogged… My nephew, R, turned one last week. I can hardly believe it. The year has gone far too quickly. It also means that it’s almost our one year wedding anniversary – eek! It has been a tough first year, for many reasons, and I’m glad we have almost made it through. Hopefully stronger than ever.

A few nights ago we went to see Fleetwood Mac at the O2 arena in London. It was amazing. They were fantastic and they played for over 2.5 hours without a break. Go them! They played almost all the album Rumours, which I think is the best album of all time and they ended on Songbird, which was extremely touching and beautiful.

IMG_9307I only started using Instagram in September last year. I don’t know why it took me so long to catch on, being a fan of both social media and photography, especially square photography. I have discovered that people are using it to sell things and I had to get in on the action. I bought this lovely perfume sample from a lovely lady who goes by the name of @the.sunbathing.petal and it smells like all sorts of wonderful. Her online shop is here.


There’s been a lot of rain lately, considering the fact that it’s June. I like to take photographs of people’s feet in the rain, and the above picture is one of those pictures. I took this at the bus stop this week. Look at that reflection in the path.

The Husband picked me a dandelion. Aww. Romance is alive!


Infused waters are the in-thing at the moment so of course I’ve jumped on that wagon. My favourite is lemon and strawberry and it really is encouraging me to drink more water. It’s amazing how much flavour comes out of strawberries when you put them in a bottle of water.


This is one of my giant garden roses. It smells amazing. It flowers a couple of times a year. We usually have a big red rose on it around Christmas time so I call it my Christmas rose.


One of my morning lattes. This one was actually FREE, which makes it even more exciting. The Grand Central pub in Brighton re-opened and was giving out breakfast lattes for a few days.


I think this particular type of cloud is a Cirrocumulus and they are my favourite type of cloud. I can’t help but snap a picture when I see them. They make me think of porridge. Yes, I’m officially a dork.


A delicious rocky road cake made by one of my lovely friends. She puts lots of peanut butter in. Yum! This is also my Bread & Jam ‘today is the day…’ mug from


I went to my first Polish wedding this month and it was awesome. There was Polish dancing, and cake, and a beautiful ceremony and…and… the usual wedding wonders. Isn’t the cake beautiful? It was rainbow inside.


During the summer months afternoon tea becomes one of my favourite things to do. It helps that The Husband loves it too. It’s so relaxing and there’s tea… and cake. What’s not to love? Oh and vintage cups, plates, and teapots. LOVE.



This is in the gardens of one of my favourite tea spots in Horsham.


I’ve been trying to read this book for the past few weeks. It tops a few of the lists of “scariest books” and it was written in the 1950s, I think.

One of my beautiful peonies from the front garden. They only flower for about a week, which makes me sad, but I love it when they are out. They are huge and pretty and they make me smile.


Breakfast at Cote – vegetarian breakfast, in fact. Spinach, avocado, poached eggs, vegetarian sausage, tomato, toast. Delicious. IMG_9254

The Husband treated me to a Daniel Wellington watch and here he is wearing it (it’s great that it’s unisex and he has a brown leather strap to put on it for work). This is the rose gold 40mm with Oxford strap.

IMG_9255I’m smitten with this building in Horsham. I’d live in Horsham in a heart-beat, preferably where this house is, but it’s far too expensive. This particular building is covered in beautiful detailing. It helps that the sun was shining, I’m sure. 
IMG_9247 IMG_9248

A grateful patient bought us these cookies at work – aren’t they sweet? They were gingerbread.


Here is the naughty thing that I bought from Monica Vinader to celebrate my promotion. It’s the green onyx and gold Siren and it’s a stunner. MV has a sale on at the moment, check it out!


Last weekend we went to Guildford and stopped for lunch at All Bar One. They had this burger, which The Husband tried, which had bacon jam in it. I think I liked it. I’m glad I’ve tried it!


One of the lovely things about Guildford is that they have a House of Fraser. One of the lovely things about House of Fraser is that they have a Mulberry concession! The lovely thing about Mulberry is that… they have a sale on at the moment! Which of course means that I had to get something. The Delphie in green and blue is now mine! I’m sure that I’ll take more photos over time, but for now, here is the green side…

IMG_9298I think that sums up the past few weeks. We’ve not got many things going on in the near future, but I will keep you all up to date with goings on. I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

L. x