Me again – how is it October already?

There are lots of things to catch you up on but that will take time and the longer I wait, the more behind I get and it’s just a big old game of catch up. So I’m going to aim to write a little bit per day about the current situations and maybe step back a bit and fill you in on something that happened at some point between now and my last entry (August??).

So welcome. Today I am at home, writing essays for my degree in Criminology. Today’s topic is online hate speech. It is incredibly interesting and as with most things, it would be much more enjoyable if I didn’t have a deadline hanging over my head!

To try to tackle the anxiety that washes over me on a daily basis (a full time job, plus part time degree, plus part time shop owner/jewellery designer and maker/home maker/wife/aunt/daughter/cat mother) I am practising the art of mindfulness at the moment. To help me with that I’ve downloaded (and used every day for the past week) the Calm app (from the Apple App Store) and I’ve bought a book from Amazon called Mindfulness in eight weeks by Michael Chaskalson. The daily mindfulness programme that I’m using on the app is working wonders (I’m also making sure I take my daily supplements) and I am very sad that I’ve got to go work tomorrow.

I’m finding it hard to justify my job at the moment. I feel like I’ve got a million and one things to do at the moment and that work is just getting in the way. I’m sure lots of people feel like that a lot of the time. We treat work as the be-all of our lives; when we meet people we ask “what do you do?” and our automatic response is to tell them what we do for work. Why? When it’s only a small part of what we actually DO? I should respond – “I do work but I am also a student, studying a degree in Criminology, I make and sell jewellery in my spare time, I’m proud to be a wife, an amateur photographer, a student of mindfulness, an enthusiast about all things nature, a student of life…” and at that point I’m sure their eyes would glaze over and they would be wondering why I’m not just telling them that I’m an Administrator. But hopefully that gets my point across. We are becoming our jobs, and I’m not keen on that.

On a lighter note… I’ve got some lunch in the oven. A bacon, red pepper, cheese, tomato, pasta thing that I’ve thrown together with ingredients from the fridge. I’m looking forward to that.

I’ve got a second shop! That’s pretty big news. I’ve started designing and making some more modern/statement jewellery, which is quite different from The Velveteen Box stuff, so once my website is up and running I’ll link you. I’ve got a logo sorted and I’m currently sourcing materials to make my goods. See – keeping busy!

I don’t have much to update you on with regards to outings. We’ve been in every weekend for quite a few months now because I have deadlines coming up – we’ve not been out much at all. It’s a huge shame but in 2017 I’m hoping to be out… a lot! That’s when I graduate. I will have been studying for 8 years at that point. I’m tired.

My lunch is almost done so I’m going to go and sort that out and I’ve got to go back to referencing one of my essays. I’ll come back and add some links and photos a bit later.

L. x