Saturday, the twenty eighth of November, two thousand and fifteen…

Today consists of wrapping up in my nice new mustard/grey blanket, reading and listening to study materials on victimology, having snuggles with The Cat, and eating nice things [we got our grocery shop delivered this morning]. I have 2,000 words to write this weekend and sadly these ones don’t count. Shame.

I made a vine this morning but WP won’t let me upload it [file type not supported?], so instead you can have a picture of my pastry. The video can be found on my Instagram though.


  1. Blanket by Tweedmill and purchased from InHouse Space.
  2. Pastry from Tesco.
  3. Cushion from John Lewis.
  4. Plate by Royal Doulton [Fable collection] and I can’t remember where I purchased it. Possibly Steamer Trading.

L. x


A day out with my little sister…

Thursday of this week I took a RARE day off from work and I spent the day in Brighton with my little sister and her dear son [and my nephew], R.

R is 17 months and he’s an absolute joy. It was lovely to spend the day with him – he’s so well behaved!

We managed to walk around the shops for a few hours, get a coffee, and get some lunch. Excellent!

Brighton is such a lovely place and although I go there to work 5 days a week, I don’t get to go INTO Brighton too often. Less than once a month. When I do go I love the art work, the vibe, the smells, the vibrancy of it all, and the general kookiness.

We went in lots of lovely shops and even had our tarot cards read in a free reading in one little shop, which was full of local people’s wares; necklaces, hair slides, soaps, pins, the works.

Without graffiti, Brighton would be only half as enchanting. With every step comes a new discovery. The graffiti is not the only thing to see – look up and you’ll be a bicycle hanging from a wall, or a metal star set into the pavement, or a wooly covering on a lamp post [all things that I saw yesterday] and this is what makes Brighton… Brighton. This is a place where bunting LIVES up and doesn’t just get put up for a BBQ.

Here we have some beautiful, house-high graffiti, the previously mentioned pavement star, some gift boxes from the wonderful Lush, a cake from a bakery/coffeeshop window [there was SO much pretty cake…], a dishevelled red post box, an elderflower summer garden drink [non-alcoholic], a vintage French door number, a space-themed wall art, a sign from Gaz [I got some of this free wood], some dangly shoes, a high-rise and my latest graffiti favourite…

We did lots, including eating lunch at Carluccio’s. It was the perfect day.