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  1. Prudence and the Crow is a monthly book club subscription and this is my 7th package. You get all of these lovely things inside and they are a joy to receive every month. I’ve tried to gather all of my things together and I can only find five of my books… but when I find them all, I’ll do a summary of the past 7 months.
  2. Kopiko. Coffee candy. Delicious.
  3. Chicken caesar salad for lunch. Yum!
  4. Bacon. Can’t go wrong really.
  5. SNOW! There was a snowy day in Sussex on the 17th of Jan and this is our back garden. Covered, it was.
  6. Burger. A naughty, naughty burger. But it was oh, so tasty. Yes, that’s savoy cabbage and bacon on the bottom. What of it?

L. x


Instagram update!

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  1. My shop Rumour Mill Designs has been stocked with my brand new cards! Can you believe it? One night I was doodling on Photoshop, I made some cards, sent them off to the printing shop and then my cards were born! I have sold 5 already, in a week, and I’m over the moon. Here is the robot birthday card.
  2. A wheat free pistachio cookie made with ground almonds instead of flour. It was chewy and very tasty. Washed down with a latte, of course.
  3. Halloumi salad. One of my all time favourite things. Yum, halloumi.
  4. One of my necklaces. One of my favourites actually – it’s not only colourful but it has a lot of texture and the beads are all different shapes.
  5. A chocolate dipping pot from Hotel Chocolate. Sadly, although the biscuits were tasty, the chocolate burnt in the microwave and it wasn’t nice. We had to throw half of it away. Boo. Be careful!
  6. Another of my card designs. CATS! ❤

L. x


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  1. Quark. Isn’t it brilliant? I mixed some Quark with some coco powder and sweetener and then added crushed fruit meringue and fresh berries. Quark and strawberries is one of my favourite desserts. Quick, simple, and fat free.
  2. That’s my nephew’s foot! I got a heart warming thank you card from my nephew for his christmas presents. It made my entire week. Love that boy.
  3. Just my lunch. Curry (no rice), banana, work phone, squash, fork… the usual stuff!
  4. A gift from my desk buddy at work to keep us going. Naughty but necessary. We made it last a week!
  5. Not just any trees. HOVE trees! Cold days do sometimes give us the most beautiful skies. This particular morning was stunning, as you can see from the clouds behind the houses. I’ve always had a fondness for blue skies against the crisp edges of buildings, especially red ones like these.

L. x


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  1. Rainbows! The only thing I like about rain. I HATE rain, but without it we wouldn’t have these beauties and I have to remember that. Stunning, isn’t it?
  2. Carb fre tacos with lettuce leaf shells. YUM!
  3. Sweets. These were PRE low carb… really!
  4. Steak and asparagus with hollandaise. Does it get tastier? I love cooking filet these days. I used to thing I was lousy at cooking steak, but if you spend more money on it, it practically cooks itself.
  5. My lovely new etched gin glasses; a christmas present from the husband. They make a pretty pink drink even prettier. This was sparkling elderflower and rose.
  6. As you can tell by the tree, this was also pre low carb. A hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream in my wonderful new cat mug. So lucky.

Another Instagram update!

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  1. To celebrate me finishing my latest essay, I got some red velvet tea cakes from M&S for me and my colleagues. Low carb? No. Delicious? Yes. I had a play with some filters on this one. Studying has been super hard for me and I’m sure that every single person in my life will be so very grateful when I’m finished. I talk about it all the time and it prevents me from seeing people as often as I’d like. It’s something that I regret ever starting on some days, and something that I wish was already over on most days. I know that I’ll be glad I did it when I finally graduate. I’m just at that point now where I desperately hope I pass, just so that the past 6/7 years hasn’t been a complete heartache for nothing. I can’t have those years back!
  2. I was pushing myself on this day to eat things that I don’t like. There was a strange butterbean thing in the salad bar (which wasn’t whole butterbeans, so I gave it a go), it was alright. I don’t like guac, so I slapped that on. Again, it was alright. I also don’t like BBQ sauce but this one was… you guessed it… alright. Testing my taste boundaries!
  3. A couple of shots from the bus stop in the morning – a bottle of vodka left on the window ledge of the pub (classy), my celebratory latte (post essay), and the Grand Central pub, which I usually photograph as I approach it, so this was a new and exciting angle for me.
  4. A bagel smothered in cashew and coconut butter. So, so, so tasty.

Instagram update…

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  1. My attempt at a low carb (but healthier than bacon and eggs) diet has led me to Marks and Spencer’s butternut squash spaghetti, which is really tasty. It’s new at the moment, so it’s £1 per bag, and that’s plenty for two people, even as a whole dish. I just added some Thai sauce (also from M&S) on top for a tasty lunch at work.
  2. I’ve been a fan of Graze since they started; I used to get my box delivered to work every week and it was a brilliant little snack for elevenses. I noticed a few weeks back that they are now selling individual snack packs in WHS so I got the chilli lime protein nut pack and the dark chocolate cherry one, and they were both delicious. Photographed here on my new Moleskine diary (get in).
  3. We had a super fog one morning recently and the trees looks eery and pretty amazing, so here they are.
  4. The same day – photo of a train emerging from the eerie fog. It was cold! Brrr. These photos look cold, right?
  5. A tasty, tasty, pesto, chicken, mozzarella, basil, tomato salad. Really delicious.
  6. My new Moleskine diary, which is the best diary I’ve ever bought. I am pretty sure I’ll have one of these every single year now. It’s a shame that they only come in black, but it’s not going to put me off. Photographed here with my Montblanc in rose gold and black resin.


Low carb Monday – day 1/60 (ish)

To kick start the new year I am trying carb free/low carb for two months. It’s something that works for me, but not on a long term basis. This means that for lunch today I had lots of raw, crunchy vegetables with some ham. Dinner tonight was taco salad, which is essentially tacos with lettuce leaves instead of taco shells. Delicious!

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 21.46.42

I got two marvellous things today; my new desktop calendar and my new Moleskine (personalised) 2016 diary, but the lighting is rubbish today so I can’t do them justice. I’ll take pictures at work tomorrow and share them with you then. I’m scared to write in my new diary, it’s so lovely.

So until tomorrow (Tuesday), that’s me… I’ll leave you with a music video. Enjoy.

Love love, L. x