The one where we went to Chichester.

This is the first weekend that we’ve had a chance to actually do something, rather than spend all weekend solidly studying, so we decided to go to Chichester. We went in search of a modern art gallery, that we failed to find (we didn’t try *too* hard, to be honest). So I’ll have to keep that in the memory banks for another time.

Instead we panicked when we hit the town-traffic and ended up in a random carpark, which happened to be near the high street. It wasn’t a disaster; we’ve not been to ‘the shops’ for a really long time, so we took a slow stroll around. But not too slow, we could only stay in the carpark for three hours.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 10.53.31.png

[photos from my instagram]

I’d forgotten how busy shops were on Saturday afternoons. That probably sounds silly, but I think in that time that I’ve had to forget about it, I’ve also grown to dislike it. I looked into (my much loved) Lush and it was far too busy and cramped to go and have a look. I did make it into Hotel Chocolat because I wanted to buy something for The Nephew, and I also treated myself to a cocoa gin (ooo!).

L actually encouraged me to look in an antique jewellers (it was called Ebony – there’s no website), which was nice. We looked in the window for quite some time before going in and trying on a lovely art-deco sapphire ring, and a huge black opal ring with diamond halo, which they said they thought was from the 1960s/1970s. They had a pet parrot inside (pictured above). My favourite thing in the whole shop was a pair of onyx and ruby cufflinks.

Ultimately, what we went in search for was nourishment. We found the tiniest little burger place which was upstairs, above (presumably) the shops. It was called Real Burger Kitchen and it was hard to tell what was going to greet us from the narrow shop front on the ground, but up the stairs we went. what met us was a really cosy, trendy burger restaurant, serving an amazing menu of burgers (and hot dogs) and craft beers! Who’d have thought it?

The walls were covered with interesting cans of beers and soft drinks from around the world, and the booths along the back walls had iPads that you could play with! The staff were super lovely and we were given a booth to relax in. The Husband went for a beef burger with whiskey onions, and I (for some reason?) went for a chicken burger. Both were pretty darn good – L insists that his was ‘the best burger I’ve ever eaten’. I’m taking this with a pinch of salt, because I’m pretty sure he has said that about the past hundred burgers that he’s eaten. He loved the bacon and he doesn’t usually get bacon in burgers.

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[photos from my instagram]

We also managed to spend £17 on sides and drinks (coleslaw, two milkshakes, two soft drinks), oops! the shakes were good, but not £5 each good.

After we were suitably nourished, we had to rush back to the car. I did manage to make a pitstop in the Solutions Inc. store and had my first play with an iPad Pro and Pencil. I am most definitely in love, and as much as I WANT one, I don’t NEED one, so in the store it will stay for a bit longer. Maybe I’lll take another look when the iPad Pro 2 comes out? The pencil was fab; I loved the responsiveness and the tilt, and the sketching features. Loved it all. They are surprisingly affordable at £799 (I thought they were much more expensive for some reason). The only thing I didn’t love was that it feels like you’re drawing on smooth glass, which obviously you are. On my graphics tablet there is some drag, which feels like paper.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 10.53.17.png

[photos from my instagram]

On the way home we had a lovely time. We went to the Cowdray Estate and found a little lake with some geese and a lovely round structure. I got chased by the male goose, which was quite frightening.

We also stumbled across a little canal, which was VERY exciting because I’ve not seen a canal before, or at least I don’t remember ever having seen one. I’d like to do a canal holiday at some point, so I was keen to take a look. This was the Wey and Arun canal and they had a couple of long boats.

So that was all very nice. We finished it off by stopping off at Waitrose in Horsham for some snacks to have with a film and we watched Faults on iTunes. A peculiar, but interesting psychological thriller.

Today we’re taking it easy. We had planned afternoon tea for this afternoon but I baked some chocolate chip brioche for breakfast and that’s filled me up, so I’m not sure what we’ll do.

Ciao for now. L. x