Tide Mills – places to visit in Sussex


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Tide Mills is a derelict village in East Sussex. It’s a lovely place to walk and somewhere we still enjoy in the colder months [when it’s quieter and there’s a lovely chilly wind]. There is something romantic about walks on the beach in the winter. Anyway… it’s an interesting place to visit. It’s in East Sussex, near to Seaford, and it was abandoned back in 1939 [according to wikipedia]. The village used to house the workers of a mill, which was built in 1761! The mill was closed in 1900 and then the village was condemned in 1936. The walk to the beach front is lined with rubble and the foundations of buildings, which makes it very interesting to have a walk around.

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The last time we were there I was determined to find some sea glass. That didn’t happen, but I did still find some interesting bits and bobs [see collage, made with Layout].

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So if you’re ever out that way, take a look at Tide Mills. You won’t be disappointed.