The Girl on the Train ~ Paula Hawkins

I’ve not read a book for pleasure for a long time; studying for a degree takes up all your time and ‘reading capacity’, however, after a summer break and all the hype surrounding The Girl on the Train, I was ready. I read it in 24 hours and it reminded me how great it was to read again (that sounds a little silly, but I’m sure you understand what I’m saying). I’m glad I read it instead of seeing the movie; there was so much in it that would be difficult to get across on the big screen, I think. I might see it some day, but I’d also like to read it again, so I certainly won’t be seeing it in the cinema. I got it as an iBook on my iPad Pro, which is a shame because I love lending out books when I’ve read them, and as soon as I’d finished it I wanted to pass it on. I recommend it to anyone who needs a short read for a flight, or for on a beach somewhere. It’s gripping and keeps you wanting more.

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It’s Halloween today. I had a day off work so I made a roasted pumpkin and chilli soup. I made it using pumpkins that I brought on the side of the road in Ansty. I think that makes it even more special. They were so sweet once I’d roasted them. The soup was warming and L loved it, which is a miracle.

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I’ve been sent some amazingly cute photos of R by my Sister. He’s had a great halloween, they’ve made handprint pumpkins, pumpkin foods, they’ve played with inflatable pumpkins, and played dress up.

I’ve just ordered another paperback; We need to talk about Kevin, by Lionel Shriver. The film was recommended on Netflix for Halloween so I had a look online to see what it was about and there are many posts saying that the book is better, and because I like a thriller, I thought it best that I read it first. Less than £3 for the paperback on eBay. Perfect! It would have been about £9 as an iBook, so I’ve not only saved money, but I can pass it on after.



This evening I’ve discovered Transylvania is a beautiful place that I’d like to go to. I am keen to see the castles of Germany, and just this evening I’ve seen photos of the castles in Transylvania! They look magical. It looks like you have to be very careful regarding the time of year that you go, as some of the roads are blocked after October, but I don’t see why we couldn’t go sometime next year. Then we can add Romania to the list of countries we’ve visited! Look at this beautiful place…


Right, well, I’m off to bed soon because I have work tomorrow, so I’m going to say goodnight.

L. x