Update… we’re moving!

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Evening to all.

It has been a little while since I last posted, but hopefully I’ll now have a bit more time to write. “Why?” I hear you asking, well… we’re moving to America! I’ve already left work and I’m on day 4 of being “between jobs” and although it’s a really scary time, it’s also quite exciting.

Let me rewind a little bit. A few months ago my husband was offered a new job in New York City. We spent a couple of months wondering if we would really go and if we would even be accepted for visas. Five weeks ago today we went to London to attend an appointment with the US Embassy, and we were accepted.

We’ve spent these five weeks packing some of our belongings and I have been finishing up at work. I had some lovely leaving drinks and meals, as well as a couple of work parties, and here we are now. My husband officially started work in New York on Monday. He flew out there a couple of days beforehand to do boring things like open a bank account and then on Monday morning he was very brave and actually started working. He is back home now until we go for good, but that means we need to crack on with it and get the house packed up. Scary.

I’ve also have my dissertation to write because I plan on graduating in July. I’m not going to say too much about that because the thought of it makes me feel quite sick, a feeling I’m sure you’re familiar with if you’ve had to do a dissertation or a final project of some sort. It’s only 10,000 words, but… it’s 10,000 words!

The next step is finding somewhere to live, which feels very daunting. L stayed in an apartment in Astoria, Queens last week because we thought that’s where we wanted to live. I’ve never lived in a city before and the idea of being able to leave the city at the end of the day and go home was appealing to me, however, after living in Queens for a week, L thinks he would like to live in Manhattan. This is fine with me as it means that he can walk/cycle to work and I don’t need to get a subway to be amongst the excitement. It sounds like people move around a lot in New York, it appears to be quite common to move out after the 12 month lease is up. This is good because it means that we can experience a few places whilst we’re there. It also means that I’ll have to not clutter the place up… no comments, please.

I’ll leave our little update there and I will keep you updated as and when things progress. For now we need to PACK, PACK, PACK… and write, write write. Wish us luck!

Much love,

L. x