We did it!

We did it. We moved to New York City.

Bo (the cat) arrives at JFK airport TODAY at about 2pm. It’s 6am now, local time (ET), and 11am UK time (GMT). I’ve just woken up after a super comfy sleep in our Airbnb in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our plane landed about 11pm last night & we (and our SIX suitcases!!) got to the apartment quite late, so it was a case of collapsing and hoping that we didn’t sleep right through until next weekend. It was so warm and balmy when we arrived last night.

This morning I’ve woken to *loud* bird song and the sound of tyres in the rain. One of the things we love about our house in Sussex is waking to the sound of birds, so this is beautiful.

We’re going to have to prioritise getting some groceries done today. I know, I know, THE GLAMOUR! Every suitcase was at max capacity (23kg) so we didn’t even have room for a scrap of shampoo or any essentials. We will also need some cat groceries for the furry one. I’ve no idea what she’ll make of this place. The Airbnb has a yard, so at lease for the next two and a half weeks she can be outside a bit.

The husband is fast asleep with no signs of waking. It’s relaxing just listening to the cars go by outside. Apartment life is going to be so very different. Having to tiptoe around when you get up early or go to bed late will take some getting used to. We’ve been spoilt with our three-bed end of terrace and just stomping around at all hours.

Talking of apartments, we will have to find one, hopefully in the next week, so wish us luck. We’re hoping to view one in Manhattan tomorrow with a chap called Tim. The MASSIVE question at the moment is- Manhattan or Brooklyn? I really don’t know how we will decide. Let’s hope we just fall in love with a place.

We’re off out now to do grocery & cat stuff. Ciao!