UberPool – my first trip – 10/10

I love using Uber when I’m in a city because I don’t need to work out where I am in order to tell the driver where to pick me up and the best part is that I don’t need to carry cash (you pay via a card or Apple pay within the app).

This week I had to go to Brooklyn Heights for an appointment to apply for my SSN. It was 32/33 degrees out, which meant I did not fancy the metro, and it was an hour and 20 minutes worth of walk. I thought I’d check out Uber to see what the damage would be and I was quoted approx. $18 for the journey. I then spied UberPool next to the usual UberX and it was quoting me a little over $6 for the same journey. I did a search using Uncle Google and it looked legit, so I booked it.

It works on the principal that you’re joining in on someone else’s journey, so your fare is greatly reduced (usually around 40%, I think). The car* pulled up outside my apartment building 4 minutes after I booked with two people already in the back. The app told me not only who my driver was, but also who the other passengers were.

The journey didn’t take any longer than I’d anticipated (about 25 minutes) after dropping the other passengers off at the park and I really did only pay just over $6. I’m a convert and hopefully next time I need to use Uber there will be someone else heading in the same direction!


*the beautifully air conditioned car (note earlier comment about the hot weather). 


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