National best friends day — June 8th — gift guide!

June 8th is fast approaching. What? You don’t know about June 8th? It’s National best friends day! There is still plenty of time to send me your best friend a gift. But just in case you don’t have all day to roam the internet looking for the perfect objets de desir, here are some quick links… (you’re welcome). I’ve also tried to keep the ideas around $20.

I am in no way being paid for any of this content, these are all items I’ve stumbled across via a well known search engine. 

Although you love her to bits, have you always hated the way she can apply her eyeliner perfectly every. single. time? I think this tiny ‘UGH‘ pin by Kateslittlestore sums up that feeling perfectly. $5.37.


You can remind him or her that they are as cool as a perfectly ripe avocado (which is very cool, in my opinion) by  gifting them this wonderful avocado print by MelindaWoodDesigns for their home office or kitchen. Who wouldn’t love this?! Prices vary depending on size and whether or not you want it framed, but they are printed on “photographic archival giclee cardstock”. Fancy.


Next up is Greenwich Letterpress, one of my favourite quirky establishments and it is based right here in New York City.

If your best bud loves to bake, or just likes to eat ice-cream and sprinkles (guilty) then what’s not to love about these “I like you” sprinkles by Amy Sedaris?! They even get a wooden scoop so they can feel proper glamorous when sprinkling. $20.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 12.40.58

Following on with the sprinkles theme, one of my all-time favourite items from GL is this enamel sprinkles pin. $12.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 12.43.14

Show your bestie that s/he’s ‘Da Bomb’ with one of these Party Bomb bath fizzers. All yours for $4.99.


You can also remind her what a great friend you are every time she enters or leaves her abode with this fancy AF gold plated initial keychain for $4.48.


Urban Outfitters:
How about this pin set to remind them that you are the J to their PB. Of course you get to keep one for yourself… $20.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 12.58.22

This one is a little more extravagant at $24 but summer is almost here and that means it’s almost pool time… how cool is this party pong pool inflatable?! If this doesn’t show them that you’re in it for life, I don’t know what will.


I know I’ve only been sharing two items from each place but I’ve just spied these and I have to share them with you. It’s a bag of cats. No joke. They’re also only $10.

So that’s it for now, I hope I’ve inspired you to spoil that special person in your life on June 8th. Enjoy the rest of your Monday.

L. x


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