Anya Mindmarch sale picks

The Anya Hindmarch sale has just started in the US and it’s up to 50% off. Yep, you heard correctly. FIFTY. We’ve just moved so I can’t justify any handbag spending at the moment, so instead, I will have to make a wish list and here it is….

Number one
Name: Giant pixels Georgiana clutch
Colour: Suede lux indigo – pixels
Price old + new: $1245 / $622
What I like about it: I love a clutch. The pixels are a great design; the colours are fab & I am obsessed with navy at the moment.

Number two
Name: Silver clouds men’s backpack
Colour: Suede lux in airforce blue
Price old + new: $2295 / $1147
What I like about it: What’s not to like?! I think this is what I would want if I could choose anything at all from the sale. I’ve wanted a backpack for the longest time and this one has not only a sun and a cloud on it but a it has a rainbow too!

Number three
Name: Silver cloud Ebury tote
Colour: Suede lux in airforce blue
Price old + new: $1795 / $897
What I like about it: Same as above, really – the blue suede is amazing and it also has these pockets inside which make it super organised. I’d actually find it tough to choose between this and the backpack.

Number four
Name: Stack shoulder bag
Colour: Silk calf leather in vampire
Price old + new: $1645 / $822
What I like about it: I had my eye on this piece when it originally came out. This would actually be a far more sensible choice than the backpack, just look at it! It has multiple shades of red, it’s made of calf leather, I don’t already own a red bag, and… it’s perfect. I like how everything is separated out into multiple sections, I like to have things separated inside my bags with little pouches & I wouldn’t need to do that with this bag. I need it.

Number five
Name: Circulus double-zip coin purse
Colour: Circus leather in sunset
Price old + new: $375 / $187
What I like about it: I would need this to attach to the above bag to hold my coins, obviously. My favourite thing about it is that it’s in my favourite colour – mustard. It’s also very cute.

So there we have it, my favourite things from the AH sale.

L. x


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