A sort of introduction

This is just my first post, copied and pasted, so that you can get an idea of why I’m here. If you like it, please continue to read the rest of my blog. Welcome!

I added a poll because… I really like polls. 

Hi, my name is Lindsey and this is my blog – Living the life of Lindsey.

I’ve tried to blog before and it has not been a huge success. I think I’ve always tried to make them too specific, or something. Probably something.

Why now? Well, I just got married to my [now] husband and I feel like I’ve started a new chapter in my life. That, and I’ve spent a year and a half planning our wedding day and now I need something else to do. Of course there are many other things to do, and married life is lovely, but I need a project, and I guess that this is that. A project.

You’ll get to know me over time, so I won’t tell everything there is to know about me now. You already know that my name is Lindsey and that I’m newlywed [hoorah] and that I am able to use a computer [a Macbook Pro, to be precise], so that’s enough for one day. I don’t want to give everything away straight away, what would keep you coming back??

I’ve tried to embed my Instagram feed, so hopefully that will work. I’m very new to Instagram; I’ve been using it for approximately one week. I don’t tend to take photographs using it, as I have quite a collection of films and lenses on Hipstamatic[best. app. ever], which I’ve collected over the years, but I am quite keen on using it to upload photos I’ve already taken. I’ve recently also joined Yelp, Which is quite interesting, and I’m enjoying reviewing all the places we’ve been to so far. I must remember to check-in when we get to places though.

It was my birthday just under a week ago. There you go, more about me already. I got my first Tibetan singing bowl and I’m going to learn how to meditate with it. I think this means [what with the new blog too] that I’m trying to find myself a little bit? I don’t want that to sound weird, but it is what it is I suppose.

The husband is currently making me an Earl Grey tea [I love my tea] and we’re settling in, on this summer Saturday evening, to watch an episode of Hollyoaks [we missed it on Friday night] and eat a bit of birthday cake [mine]. We’re looking forward to putting our feet up as we’ve just cleaned our bathroom with the new VAX steam cleaner that we picked up from Argos today. I’ve wanted one for a while & I’m impressed with how little effort I had to put in to get the sink all sparkly. I can’t wait to tackle the oven with it – no nasty chemicals to suffocate me with [I hate oven cleaner].

We finished Bates Motel on Netflix this week, so we’ve got to find something new to watch. I guess I’ll tell you all about that when we’ve worked out what it is. I’m rambling now, and my tea is being delivered, so I’m going to get going. I hope you’re all having a smashing weekend.



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